Polar Explorer icebreaker


Join us for a once in a life time experience


Polar Explorer tourist Icebreaker offers 3 hours cruise in the frozen water of Bothnian sea in Lapland. During 3 hours you will be a witness of a massive ice breaking power of the vessel, have a guided tour all the way down to the engine rooms and all way up to Captain’s bridge. Tour is available on 16 languages via audio guide application and includes 11 min movie in icebreaker cinema about icebreakers all over the world. You can relax in the cozy saloon, enjoying warm juice or go for walk on the frozen sea ice during the stop. The icebreaker makes a pool free of ice and every visitor can take a swim in the dark icy water in flotation survival suit. The captain will present Cruise & Swim Certificate to everyone as a memorable gift. Icebreaker shuttle bus provides transportation from Rovaniemi, Kemi and Tornio towns in Finland, also from Haparanda and Luleå in Sweden.

  • review rating 5  Amazing experience. I had a great time. I really enjoyed the ice floating swimming (we each got approximately 15 minutes). Fantastic staff as well

    thumb Reuven S
  • review rating 5  A good old ship ... Still busy entertaining the tourist from all over the world.A good meal on board provided by your travel agency can be a good start.Allowin toTake your own food on board with few things available on board is a good gesture by the company.The 4 hours goes by in a Jiffy while Dancing on the Deck with your guide and learning through demo and Video about the Ship and Ice Breaking.The Swim in the pool created by your ship in a floating Suite is a great fun.Do have hot free berry juice with condiments to keep you warm.Do not forget to take your Floating Photos from the store at 15 to 20 €.Buy Souvenirs from the deck and have lots of photos on your Camera's and Mobile's with Family and Friends.

    thumb Kirti Bavishi
  • review rating 5  You can tour the bridge and engine room.

    thumb Joel Matos
  • review rating 5  Μπάνιο ανάμεσα σε πάγους, εμπειρία...

    thumb Giorgos Geron
  • review rating 5  冰上漂浮很好玩 就是漏水

    thumb lei zhang

Best price guarantee

7 decks guided tour in 16 languages

"Ice breaking” MICE facilities

Cozy atmosphere on board

Charter cruises

Icebreaker cinema

Shuttle bus from Rovaniemi and Kemi

Swimming in survival suits

Children also can swim


Polar Explorer Facts

Built: 1976, fully rebuilt in 1991

Number of passengers: 199

Length: 78 m

Width: 14 m

Draught: 5.22 m

Gross weight: gross 1976 mt, net 593 mt

Engine: 2 X MAK 8M551AK, 9460 hp

Class: 1A




10:00 Finnish time / 09:00 Swedish time

14:00 Finnish time / 13:00 Swedish time


Icebreaker Cruise by own transportation


  • 3 h icebreaker cruise
  • hot drink on board
  • 7 decks guided tour
  • audio guide in 18 languages
  • film in Icebreaker theatre
  • swimming in survival suits
  • Cruise&Swim certificate

Free parking is available in the cruise terminal

Icebreaker Cruise by bus from Kemi or Rovaniemi


  • 3 h icebreaker cruise
  • hot drink on board
  • 7 decks guided tour
  • audio guide in 18 languages
  • film in Icebreaker theatre
  • swimming in survival suits
  • Cruise&Swim certificate
  • Shuttle bus round trip transportation
  • Buffet lunch for tours coming from Rovaniemi and Kemi
  • Hot snack on board for tours coming from Luleå

You can take shuttle bus from one destination and return to another. You can also store your luggage on the bus for the whole duration of the program.


Departure 18:00 Finnish time / 17:00 Swedish time.

Included extra: fireworks, BBQ meals, New Year party on ice.

Cruise 3 h price includes: seeing the ice breaking, 7 decks icebreaker guided tour, 11 min movie in icebreaker cinema, hot drink, swimming in survival suites, walking on ice, Cruise&Swim certificate. Children 4-12 years old are at 15 % discount. Children under 4 years are free of charge.


The Polar Explorer Icebreaker Cruise’s departure terminal is located in Swedish Lapland, only 40 km away from the Finnish border. It is easy to reach from any place in Finnish and Swedish Lapland.



from Finland                  from Sweden
Kemi 73 km                    Kalix 23 km
Rovaniemi 168 km        Luleå 98 km
Ivalo 450 km                  Kiruna 330 km

You can make your way to Axelsvik port in Båtskärsnäs in your own car or bus and park it in the port, free of charge during the cruise.

Check your driving route HERE

We offer to and from shuttle bus transportation to the cruise from Rovaniemi, Kemi Tornio in Finland, also from Luleå and Haparanda in Sweden.

You will be able to choose shuttle bus pick up and drop off location during your cruise reservation process.

If you are looking for transportation from other destinations, please CONTACT US

Frequently asked questions

Is the cruise suitable for small children?

There is no age limit for participating in cruise, children of all ages are welcome on board!

Can children also swim?

Survival suits are available at size 125 cm, children at height over 120 cm can swim.

Is it cold to swim?

No, double layer survival suit will keep you insulated form cold water. You put on the suit over your normal indoor clothes.

Do I have to swim if I don’t want to?

No, swimming is voluntary.

Can I take shuttle bus from one location and go to another location after the tour?

Yes, pick up and drop off location can be different. You will have possibility to choose drop of in Finland locations during the booking process.

Can I bring my luggage with me?

Yes, when you are coming by our shuttle bus you can store your luggage in the bus during entire trip.

Can I make my way to the cruise in own car?

Yes, you can make your way with your own car and park free of charge at the port of departure. There is no actual border between Finland and Sweden, you can drive non-stop via the border.

Is it safe to walk on the ice?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. Even a car can drive on ice over 20 cm thick.

Can I have lunch during the cruise?

During the cruise meals are not served, but snacks and beverages can be purchased from cafeteria on board. Icebreaker buffet lunch is offered at extra charge in restaurant on shore after the morning cruise and before afternoon cruise.

Do you provide discount coupons?

We do not practice discount coupons. For lower price look for special price cruises in timetable.

If you have any questions or reservations, please fill out the form and we will get back to you

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